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Comprehensive design services including ​Space Planning & Architectural Design : Architectural and interior planning and design for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional requirements

  • Structural Engineering : In coordination with the Architetcural Design generated, structural drawings are prepared in close coordination with highly reputed consultants.

  • MEP Design : Mechanical, Electric and Plumbing design

  • HVAC Design : Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning

  • BMS Design : Firefighting  and  Building Management System

When we undertake a design project, the following stages are usually followed

  • Preliminary site analysis

  • Analysis of statutory requirements of the site location

  • Preparation of preliminary designs including iterations as required

  • Preparation of estimates of cost and  statutory submission drawings.

  • Preparation of technical drawings and specifications for execution of works on site including bid documents and nomination of contractors for execution of various works.

  • Comprehensive design drawing and site support is provided to ensure that the design is executed as planned

  • Monitoring of time schedules and budgets

Architectural Design
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Project Management Services are offered for all kinds of architectural and interior design projects incorporating the co-ordination of services of multiple vendors, monitoring of timelines and budgets, facilitation services, tracking work progress and preparing critical reviews and setting correctional courses as required. The strength of the AMS team lies in architecture and building infrastructure and the team is poised strategically to handle all interactive disciplines which contribute to the building and interior process. Project Management Services (PMC) would typically include :

  • Coordinating design and engineering activity and monitoring their progress and work

  • Ensuring project closure be finished within set deadlines of quality and cost

  • Effecting quality control systems

  • Acting as the clients side representative in all dealings

  • Tracking errors and preparing correctional courses as required

  • Preparing critical reviews of building and construction progress

Project Management
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Comprehensive design services for interior planning and management of execution of all types of interior spaces- offices, residences, educational institutions, health clubs, lounges, retail spaces and other uses. Our services usually include :

  • Interior civil works

  • Interior fitout works

  • Sanitary engineering and planning / modification

  • Electrical engineering and planning / modification

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) planning

  • Fire fighting and egress systems

  • Security and access control systems

  • Voice and data systems

  • False ceilings and allied services design and planning

  • Accommodate design for specialized machinery and equipment provision

  • Art work selection and placement for engaging commercial and residential spaces

Interior Design
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In the process of building in sensitive heritage and or natural environments or in the case of large scale developments including townships or institutional layouts or Master Plans , substantial analytical inputs and design services are provided including levelling and topographical surveys and comprehensive analyses incorporating contextual parameters. Street studies in existing towns, spatial studies of layouts and architectural analyses and reports may be prepared as required. Such Urban studies would include :

  • Study of existing conditions and typology

  • Topography survey and pattern development

  • Understanding the social and habitual fabric / rubric of the site

  • Proposing layouts / subdivision / development plans for the area based on the subsequent studies

  • Conserving heritage and tradition, preserving the identity of a place while developing the same

Urban Design and Master Planning
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