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Architectural Management Services (AMS) is an architectural consultancy based in Madras (Chennai), Tamilnadu with operations in India. Our specialization lies in architecture and planning, interior design, project management, sustainable building design, urban design, conservation and planning as needed in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial applications. With over two decades of experience and 4 million square-feet constructed in several cities across India, our expertise ranges across several disciplines which renders us able to design, plan and manage the construction of projects ranging from single family residences to sprawling industries

We charge an architectural / project management fee based on the guidelines set by the Council of Architecture, the Governing Body for Architects across India. Our pricing would depend upon the nature of the work, the size of the building, the level of details involved in the construction, the exact scope of our work as well as the timeline of the project. We believe in delivering work of the highest quality within a given period of time and hence do charge a fee commensurate to the quantum of work done

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N. DEVI PRASAD graduated in architecture from Anna University in Chennai, India in 1985 and post graduated in Urban Design from The School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi in 1987.

He has worked on conservation studies on the temple town of Kancheepuram, Varanasi temple town Ghats, Fort Cochin and Mattancherry historic areas, the temple town of Mamallapuram and the historic religious core of Mylapore. He has also conducted intensive surveys and studies on slum and squatter settlements and various kinds of low income housing schemes.

He established his architectural practice in Chennai in 1988 and constantly strives towards creating buildings that are architecturally appropriate for Indian conditions while maximizing the benefits of modern technology. Integrating a design based approach with functionality and performance, he has designed several structures including residences, factories, offices, institutions and schools.

Besides architecture, farming, agrarian economics, poetry and philosophy are his interests . His integrated approach to the profession, with a keen emphasis on punctuality and precision has given him a distinct edge.

Apart from managing AMS, he is also a keen academician. He is the Director V SPARC , VIT School of Planning and Architecture, Vellore

N Devi Prasad

KAVITHA PRASAD graduated in architecture from Anna University in Chennai, India in 1987.

She has worked with the Centre for Human Settlements in their efforts with the State Government in providing housing for the marginalized sections of society. Her area of specialization includes the design of residential and commercial complexes as well as interior design of these spaces.

She gains a lot of inspiration from her travels abroad and tries to infuse a certain identity in her structures to suit the Indian context. Besides her proficiency as an architect and interior designer, she is a well recognized water color artist and has exhibited her works in India and abroad.

Design critic of architecture at 
School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University, Chennai

​View more about her art at

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